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2021-2022 Catalog 
2021-2022 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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MAT 117 - Math for Elementary Teachers

AA Approved

Primary placement method used for any student whose high school transcript can be interpreted for use with the calculation spreadsheet:  High School GPA + High School Math composite calculation >= 4.5


Students who have completed pre-requisite developmental math courses with:

       a B- in MAT074 College Prep Math 1

       or a C- in MAT077 College Prep Math 2 or MAT062 Elementary Algebra

       or a C- in MAT110 Math for Liberal Arts

or, for students where we cannot use the composite high school calculation:

1.5 years of high school algebra and meet the minimum placement

               or a Compass Algebra score of at least 55

               or an ACT Math score of at least 20

               or an ACCUPLACER Arithmetic score of at least 265
3 credit(s)

Mathematics as problem solving, communication, connections, and reasoning with regard to tasks involving numeration, relationships, estimations. Also, number sense of whole and rational numbers, measurement, probability, statistics, geometry, and spatial sense. Activities and models appropriate to teaching elementary school mathematics are used to represent the topics.

Course Learning Outcomes
1.  Explain elementary math concepts in a manner that demonstrates understanding.
2.  Present elementary math concepts in a manner that promotes understanding, as opposed to merely promoting memorization of procedures.
3.  Employ multiple methods for demonstrating math concepts.
4.  Read and interpret published mathematics education materials.
5.  Demonstrate the use of basic math concepts in Problem Solving.
6.  Evaluate incorrect student work to determine what conceptual error was made.
7.  Use and interpret graphical, geometric and statistical representations of data.

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